NFT as a Creative Tool for Business Development, Investment, and Social Justice

NFT is more than art: It is a cohesive tool for the society

Web 3.0 allows content creators to steer the WeWriteWeb (www) for the first time in history! IP and business owners should understand how NFT is impacting your industries. This technology is already providing a level-playing field for authors from diverse backgrounds, and has the potential of being utilized as a social cohesion tool.

With ‘new technologies’, we are still facing ‘old problems’. NFT can help assess provenance of artworks, and perhaps in their authentication. We should be watchful of what marketplaces are offering to purchasers and marketparticipants.

NFT creates an ‘alternative for art to be present’. Artist compensation now has a means. Graffiti artists can finally earn the fruits of their labor. We should find art projects to support in this ‘crisis of beauty and truth’.


This is a recap of the webinar presented by the American Bar Association International Law Section, Young Lawyers Interest Network (YIN) on February 18, 2022. Speakers were Kristen Roberts, Cristina Riboni, and Camilo Fidel López.

Replay available.



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